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Clients - Clienti

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Below is a short list of some selected clients who have already choosen us as communication partner and used our services since 1989. As you can see, most of them are world-class companies or organisations, representing a broad range of sectors and industries. Following the list are some comments.

Troverete qui sotto un breve elenco di clienti selezionati che si sono già avvalsi della nostra professionalità e dei nostri servizi dal 1989. Come si può vedere, maggior parte di loro sono organizzazioni o imprese globali, che rappresentano un'ampia fascia di realtà settoriali ed industriali. L'elenco è seguito da alcuni commenti.

Voici quelques-uns des principaux clients qui nous ont déjà accordé leur confiance et fait appel à nos services depuis 1989. Comme vous pouvez le constater, il s'agit pour la plupart d'acteurs et d'organisations d'envergure mondiale, représentant un large éventail de secteurs et d'industries. Liste suivie par quelques commentaires.

Subcontractor / Subappaltatore / Sous-traitant stands for subcontracted works / lavori subappaltati / sous-traitances de services


International Bodies Organizzazioni internazionali Organismes Internationaux
Governmental Institutions Istituzioni Italiane Institutions italiennes
Universities Università Universités
Italian Organizations Organizzazioni italiane Organismes italiens
Groups - Corporates Gruppi - Imprese Groupes - Entreprises


International Bodies / Organizzazioni internazionali / Organismes Internationaux


FAO - Food and Agriculture Organization

European Union

Unione europea

Union européenne

Subcontractor / Subappaltatore / Sous-traitant

United Nations

Nazioni Unite

Nations Unies

Subcontractor / Subappaltatore / Sous-traitant

The World Bank

La Banca Mondiale

La Banque Mondiale

Subcontractor / Subappaltatore / Sous-traitant

European Science Foundation

Foundation Européenne pour la Science

Governmental Institutions / Istituzioni governative / Institutions gouvernementales

Italian Senate

Senato Italiano

Sénat de la République italienne

Chamber of Deputies

Camera dei Deputati

Chambre des Députés de la République italienne

Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Ministero degli Affari Esteri

Ministère des Affaires Étrangères

Embassy of France in Italy

Ambasciata di Francia in Italia

Ambassade de France en Italie

Embassy of Burkina Faso in Italy

Ambasciata del Burkina Faso in Italia

Ambassade du Burkina Faso en Italie

Universities / Università / Universités

Roma III

Roma La Sapienza

Siena - Grosseto

Italian Organizations / Organizzazioni italiane / Organismes italiens


Subcontractor / Subappaltatore / Sous-traitant

Unione nazionale delle aziende produttrici e consumatrici di energia elettrica - UNAPACE

Consiglio Nazionale del Notariato

Italian National Agency fo New Technologies, Energy and the Environment

Ente per le Nuove Tecnologie, l'Energia e l'Ambiente

Agence Nationale pour les Nouvelles Technologies, l'Énergie et l'Environnement

Istituto per la vigilanza sulle assicurazioni private e di interesse collettivo

Coltivatori Diretti - AGER - EPACA

ERVET– Emilia-Romagna Valorizzazione Economica Territorio SpA

Pubblitecnica S.r.l. - Consulenza e Formazione

Italian Savings Banks Association

Associazione fra le Casse di Risparmio Italiane

Association des Caisses d'Épargne italiennes

Federazione Italiana Operatori nella Tecnica Ortopedica - FIOTO

Federazione Nazionale Pensionati

Confederazione Italiana Sindacati Lavoratori

Associazione Nazionale Mutilati ed Invalidi Civili

Groups - Corporates / Gruppi - Imprese / Groupes - Entreprises

Cap Gemini Italia

Société Anonyme de Télécommunication (SAT)

Groupe SAGEM

EDF Italia


Compagnie d'Affrètement et de Transport - C.A.T. Italia

Finrenault Italia

Union de Crédit pour le Bâtiment


Bristol-Myers Squibb Italia

Naturalia Sintesi - Bellezza Intelligente

Cosmetici - Cosmetics - Cosmétiques

Studio Associato KPMG - Firenze

Radio Televisione Italiana

Lux Vide - Television Programme Producer

ex PolyGram Italia

(Polygram Pictures Logo © Michael J. Deas)

Interflora Italia


Subcontractor / Subappaltatore / Sous-traitant

Centre National d'Études Spatiales

Subcontractor / Subappaltatore / Sous-traitant

European Space Agency

Agenzia Spaziale Europea

Agence Spatiale Européenne

Subcontractor / Subappaltatore / Sous-traitant

Telespazio S.p.A.

(Gruppo Finmeccanica)

Subcontractor / Subappaltatore / Sous-traitant

Aleania Aeronautica

(Gruppo Finmeccanica)

Fincantieri S.p.A.

Groupe FINSIEL (Groupe Telecom Italia)

TI Sparkle (Groupe Telecom Italia)


A few comments - Qualche commento - Quelques commentaires

Site Map / Mappa del sito / Plan du site


From a lawyer for whom I have been doing work for over 15 years, in relation to the translation of a 335-page document to be filed for a case of arbitration before the International Chamber of Commerce :

  • - I have TOTAL confidence in you

Taken from a correspondence with the Sales Manager of a multinational company upon the signing of a partnership agreement weighing several million Euros :

  • - Myself : "I was reading on the internet that you had signed the commercial agreement with your partner. It sounds like my translation may have come in handy in the end..."
  • - Manager : "It’s not that your translation was useful to us Jean-Marie, but rather, it was crucial to the signing of the agreement..."

Expression of gratitude from the interpreter in charge of Language Services for an Italian institution, with regard to the translation of a political text  :

  • - Excellent quality work, punctuated here and there with strokes of actual genius...

Agency subcontracting job for the translation of an extremely technical electric/electronics text. Agency comments (after proofing) :

  • - I hope the customer will find the translation to be as excellent as I did!
  • (A few days later :) - And yes, the client liked the translation!

From another Agency, after a "misunderstanding" :

  • - Hi Jean-Marie,
    I understand very well that a relationship needs to be built up (...), and I will continue working on this so that you cannot refuse jobs from us in the future!

With regard to the translation of a child's tale :

  • - I was not expecting such prompt delivery and must admit that none of our hopes were misplaced. Better still, we are highly satisfied with the results of your work and delighted to count you among our best collaborators...

Translation of a small poetry book (from Italian into French). After the book came out and a number of individual poems had appeared in poetry magazines in Italy and France, I received a cascade of favorable comments. To quote from a few of them :

The author :

  • "I thank the poet Jean-Marie Le Ray, who translated my verses in the only way that poetry can be translated : by recreating it according to one's own sensibility and the animating spirit of one's own language."

Ferruccio Masci, in the preface :

  • "Even in this short collection of eleven intensely lyrical poems (masterfully translated by the poet Jean-Marie Le Ray)..."

From a review by publisher Guido Carmelo Miano :

  • "This short but incisive collection (facing text, superlatively translated into French by the poet Jean-Marie Le Ray)..."

From a letter sent by poet Francesco De Napoli, of Cassino :

  • "I received a copy of "UNDICI POESIE" from my friend Prof. Ferdinando Banchini, and I read it eagerly, admiring among other things the magnificent, and to my mind perfect, translation you produced with such love and passion..."

From a review by Francesco Mandrino :
(published in Punti di vista VI :21, Padua, July-September 1999)

  • "Facing the text is Jean-Marie Le Ray's translation into French – a labor surely neither superficial nor easy. Every translation is a heavy-handed, disregardful, arbitrary act, but in this case it seems intended not to present the form and substance of the original in another language, but to propose something different that retains the sense of the original."

From a review by Maria Pina Natale :
(published in April 1999 in Nuovo Giornale dei Poeti)

  • "It's important to note that this short collection of poems was translated into French by the poet Jean-Marie Le Ray with considerable skill, in the only way that poetry can be translated : 'by recreating it according to one's own sensibility and the animating spirit of one's own language.'
  • "I've quoted the author's own words here, and I fully agree with them. I would add that besides the two great merits that Banchini points to, the translation seems to stick perfectly to the Italian text. By this I don't mean it's a literal translation, but that it sticks to the author's thought and expression. That's no small merit (if I may say so, as a veteran translator of Greek and Latin texts, as well as Spanish and French)."

From a review by Walter Nesti :

  • "The eleven poems he offers us now are flanked by a translation into French by Jean-Marie Le Ray. Because of the conscientiousness with which it was done, but with the liberty necessary to avoid flattening out the original (as is generally the case with translations), it has the merit of figuring as a work of poetry in and of itself, though intimately linked to the original. The translator, though totally respecting the author, infused into his language that breath of pure poetry that a mechanical translation could never have attained.
    "Here's one example : 'Le nubi nere, inerti, gravano / sui campi squallidi' is translated as 'Les nuages noirs et lourds, inertes / étouffent les terres désolées,' thus successfully rendering in French that special, nearly Rimbaudian atmosphere of Banchini's verses.
    "For another, he 'recreated' – the word is none too strong – the poem Per caso (Hasard). The two compact stanzas of Banchini's poem communicate the sense of bewilderment, but also of inner joy, felt by a foreigner who, lost in the crowd, has just been cheered by someone's glance falling upon him. The same effect, with a more marked sense of relief, is achieved in the French, where added spaces and breaks in the lines give the traveler a more intimate certainty of joy. In this case too, a mechanical translation would have only flattened Banchini's beautiful verses.
    "I don't know whether or to what extent Banchini's poetry is already known in France, but I'm certain this little book is a good primer."

And by way of conclusion, maybe a little vanity : a few words from a colleague.

  • - When I first started out, I remember drawing inspiration from your wealth of experience. You were an icon among translators who worked towards French in Rome!

And many, many others...

Un avvocato con chi collaboro da più di 15 anni, dopo aver consegnato una pratica di 335 pagine da presentare per un arbitrato davanti alla Camera di Commercio Internazionale di Parigi :

  • - Ho una fiducia TOTALE in Lei!

Dialogo con la Direttrice Commerciale di una multinazionale dopo la firma di un accordo di partnership per un valore di diversi milioni di Euro :

  • - Io : Ho appena letto su Internet che avete firmato l’accordo. Spero che le mie traduzioni saranno servite..."
  • - Lei : "Jean-Marie, effettivamente le Sue traduzioni non solo sono state utili, ma anche cruciali per la firma dell' accordo..."

Dopo aver consegnato la traduzione di un testo politico di una delle più alte cariche dello Stato, ecco il ringraziamento dell’interprete responsabile del Servizio linguistico di un'Istituzione italiana :

  • - Testo di qualità ottima, con addirittura qualche spunto di genialità...

Lavoro subappaltato da un'agenzia per la traduzione di un testo estremamente tecnico di elettricità-elettronica. La direttrice dell’Agenzia (dopo la revisione) :

  • - Spero che questo testo piaccia al cliente quanto è piaciuto a me!
  • (Qualche giorno dopo :) - Ebbene si, al cliente è piaciuto la traduzione!

Da un'altra Agenzia di traduzione, dopo un "malinteso" :

  • - Jean-Marie,
    Capisco benissimo che un rapporto di fiducia richiede tempo per essere instaurato (...), ed è il mio intento fare in modo che tu non possa più rifiutarci lavori nel futuro!

Traduzione di una filastrocca. Il cliente :

  • - Non m'aspettavo che ci consegnasse il testo in tempi così brevi, e devo riconoscere che Lei non ha affatto deluso le nostre attese. Anzi : siamo entusiasti del Suo lavoro e contenti di averLa annoverata tra i nostri migliori collaboratori.

Traduzioni poetiche. Leggere alcune recensioni.

Per concludere, un po' di vanità ! Ecco le parole di un collega :

  • - All'inizio, ricordo che mi sono ispirato alla sua vastissima esperienza. Lei era un mito per quelli che traducevano da/verso il francese a Roma.

E moltissimi altri...

Un avocat avec qui je travaille depuis plus de 15 ans, après remise d’un dossier de 335 pages à soumettre à la CCI dans le cadre d’un arbitrage international :

  • - J’ai une TOTALE confiance en vous !

Dialogue avec la Directrice Commerciale d’une multinationale venant de signer un contrat de partenariat d’une valeur de plusieurs millions d’Euros  :

  • - Moi : « J’ai vu sur Internet que vous aviez conclu l’accord commercial avec votre partenaire. Ma traduction aura donc peut-être servi... »
  • - Elle  : « Jean-Marie, je ne dirais pas simplement que votre traduction a été utile, mais plutôt qu’elle a été cruciale pour la signature de l’accord... »

Après remise d’une traduction d’un texte politique pour une Institution italienne, remerciement d’une interprète responsable du service linguistique  :

  • - Texte d’une excellente qualité, avec en plus ici et là quelques traits de génie...

Travail de sous-traitance avec une agence pour la traduction d’un texte d’électricité-électronique très très technique. L’Agence (après révision)  :

  • - J’espère que le client trouvera le texte aussi bon que je l’ai trouvé !
  • (Quelques jours plus tard  :) - Et bien oui, votre traduction a plu au client !

Autre agence de traduction, après un « malentendu »  :

  • - Jean-Marie,
    Je comprends aisément qu'une relation d'affaire ne se construit pas du jour au lendemain (...), aussi ai-je l'intention de faire en sorte que tu ne puisses plus refuser de travailler pour nous à l'avenir !

Traduction d’un conte de Noël pour enfants. Le client  :

  • - Je n’attendais pas une livraison aussi rapide, même si je dois reconnaître que nos espoirs n’ont vraiment pas été déçus. Mieux  : nous sommes enthousiastes de votre travail et heureux de vous compter parmi nos meilleurs collaborateurs...

Traduction d'un recueil de poèmes. Voir quelques-unes des critiques.

Pour conclure, un peu de vanité ! Voici les mots d'un confrère  :

  • - À mes débuts, je me souviens de m'être inspiré de votre très vaste expérience. Vous étiez un ... mythe pour ceux qui traduisaient le français à Rome.

Et beaucoup, beaucoup d'autres...

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